80Mm Fan Guards Keep Electronics Cool

When stored in these smaller spaces, what happens is that the heat gets trapped and the air that is circulating will get warmer and warmer which, if not properly ventilated and cooled, can cause systems to overheat and fail. In order to keep up a temperate environment that keeps these vital machines functioning at optimal performance, it often requires the use of electronic cooling systems that keep air flowing directly on the servers to cool and circulate the air.

Cooling systems are set up using four main parts. First, is the fan itself which blows and circulates the air. These are then paired with a filter that prevents dust and debris from getting into the server and interfering with performance. Then, there is the 80mm guard. This piece separates the fan from the server itself. The last piece is called a server rack which holds the entire assembly together and keeps these parts directly aligned with the server for optimal air flow.

The 80mm guard is a particularly vital part when putting the entire configuration together. This piece separates the cooling device from the server and protects both the fan and the cooling assembly. They are offered in both plastic and aluminum options depending on the need. They both are enough to give protection. The plastic option tends to be more economical, but the aluminum one will have a longer lifespan. They are both easily removed for cleaning.

80 mm guards keep costs minimal while providing optimal protection to electronics. Black is the standard color that the guards come in and they’re offered in different sizes both US and European. The company also offers that any sizes that they don’t come standard in can be custom made for customers with a particular need so that the configuration of their cooling system is precise and strategically aligned for largest air flow with the least amount of noise.

The website offers all different sizes and quantities of guards that can be purchased as low as $1.10 per unit. One of the most common guard sizes, the 80mm fans can be purchased for $1.30 per unit. All of the products offered by the company can be purchased in units or bought in bulk. Discounted prices are offered when items are purchased in larger quantities.

The company also offers kits that include the entire assembly of all four parts that have been strategically compiled for maximum air flow while outputting the minimum amount of noise, thus offering the best configuration. The kits require assembly and are also offered in a variety of sizes including the 80mm. Any sizes that aren’t included in the product listing online for the kits can also be custom ordered and built to fit the needs of the client.

Cooling Fans Keep Electronics From Overheating

Cooling fans offer a solution that is both efficient as well as cost effective to keep up a temperate environment for storing these servers in small spaces. Maintaining the temperate environment ensures that servers continue to act at optimal levels of performance to keep systems running. They are vital to the upkeep of both residential as well as commercial systems. It is important to know how to choose the right configuration.

Typically, a cooling configuration consists of the fan itself which maintains a constant airflow directly on the server. Attached to it is the guard, which separates the fan from the server, as well as a filter, which prevents unwanted particles and dust from blowing into the server. All three of these are then assembled together on a tray which holds the entire assembly as close as possible to the server to have the greatest amount of air flowing directly on it.

Choosing the right cooling fan is extremely important. Size is certainly something to be considered and should be determined based on the size of the server that it’s intended to cool as well as the size of the space which it is cooling. Both plastic and aluminum options are available to choose from. The right product will make a minimal amount of noise, while outputting the maximum amount of airflow, thus creating an efficient cooling system.

Just as important are the filters. Choosing the right filter can directly impact the airflow as well. They are offered in both plastic and aluminum. Typically, the aluminum filters are slightly more expensive than the plastic, but they tend to last longer. Both are offered at a discount when bought in bulk. They are both easily installed and removed for cleaning and replacement and offer excellent protection to keep dust and other particles from entering the server.

The guard separates the fan from the server itself to keep from damaging the device. Choosing musically fans no human verification the right guard is just as important as the filter, as this too, can also impact the amount of airflow onto the servern
. The company recently released a guard, which allows the ideal amount of air flow, while also providing protection for the device. The guards are also offered in both plastic and aluminum as well.

The size and place of the rack is vital to the performance of the total configuration. The purpose of the rack is to hold the configuration in such a place to get the it blowing as much air directly onto the server an as closely, as possible while also protecting the device. The company offers an array of kits that include all four parts that come preselected for optimal performa

Overview of the Fresh VS314 Projector

Since its appearance on the market of household appliances, projectors have changed a lot. This is not the expensive device with less expensive service, using which it was possible only in the dark. At the moment, the projector allows you to view photos and videos easily replacing the TV or PC screen. And now, let’s take a look at the fresh model, VS314 projector.

Advantages of VS314 Projector

Firstly, with the small size and light weight, the new device, VS314, is very portable. The volume is equal to a dictionary.

Secondly, low power consumption. An ordinary projector’s power consumption is 250 watts or more, while the VS314 projector’s power is only 55 watts.

Thirdly, with the short-focus design, VS314 supports short-range and short-focus projection at anytime and anywhere.

Fourthly, VS314 is equipped with a long life light source, the bright light source from the famous American company, BridgeLux. The high-pressure mercury lamp can only last for up to 2000 hours in standard mode. But VS314 projector can last for 30,000 hours. In a manner of speaking, there is no need of replacing the light bulbs and it could be used for up to 5 years.


Multimedia Technology

VS314 adopts the focus lens composed of high-precision nonopaque coated glass lens, increasing the light transmittance, enhancing the wear performance, preventing the stray light interference, and improving the clarity of the image projection imaging. Moreover, VS314 comes with imported high-quality LCD screen, which carefully debugged by the ISF certified color engineers, presenting users with a wider color gamut.

Exclusive Cooling System

The VS314 projector is equipped with an efficient physical cooling system, which made up of dual-cooled high muted cooling system, double copper pipes, and 20 efficient aluminum sheets. The pleiotropic heat-removal system ensures the feasibility of that the projector works for long hours on a high-brightness mode.


The VS314 LED Projector is a multimedia player with a native resolution of 800 x 480 pixels, and 2000:1 contrast ratio. It can output a high brightness of 1500 lumens. The manual focus can be adjusted to get a picture from 27 to 150 inches, and the distance of projection is from 0.9 to 6 meters. The device comes with the AV / VGA / USB / HDMI multimedia interfaces for DVD player, laptop computer, set-top boxes, gaming dragon city hack consoles, etc. Thus, with this small but high-performance projector, you can enjoy the high-quality images and videos in a very comfortable position.